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I chose to spend a bunch of money on myself!

March 20th, 2008 at 07:24 pm

B/F comes home tomorrow. Yay! He has been gone for THREE WEEKS! Thatís way too long. It will be good to hand over the house repair, cleaning, and kid issues to him!

Anyway, I want to tell you about my decision to spend a hefty amount of money on myself. You should know that I rarely buy anything for myself other than dining out (B/F and I eat lunch out together every day). I am, by no means, a shopper. I buy clothes when I HAVE to. I hate to spend money on clothes. And, when I buy clothes, I buy simple, not trendy stuff. Iím a very simple girl.

So, spending $70/week, ($280/month) for the next undetermined number of weeks/months is a pretty big deal for me. I decided to invest in my health, and have signed up with a personal trainer. She spends 1 hour, 2x/week helping me exercise. We do it from her home studio which is terrific. I donít have to go to a public gym, I can talk with her about my body issues, and she really listens. I think this is going to be a really, really good investment.

I am 5í10Ē and am the heaviest I have ever been. I am 160 lbs, and very soft/weak. I have never been a regular exerciser (bummer, that!) and now that Iím 43 y/o, things are really shifting and sticking like they never have before. I have always been lucky to be naturally thin without having to exercise or diet. Boy, those days are LONG GONE! The difference really came promptly at 40. Itís funny that they tell you this will happen. I never thought it would happen to me, though. Ha! Stupid! It definitely happened.

Wish me luck on getting healthy, strong, and energized. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I quit smoking 6 months ago, and so, working out is the next big deal for my health.

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6 Responses to “I chose to spend a bunch of money on myself!”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    You know, 5'10" and 160lbs really isn't bad at all. At all!

    Still, wish you the best.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    You deserve a treat for quitting smoking! Look at the money you are saving by not doing that! You go girl!

  3. baselle Says:

    Geez - to be 5'10" and 160. I'm 5'8" and 185. I used to be 210 though. I have (and have paid for) personal trainer for 2 years. I won't ever be confused for a bag of bones, but I have gotten firmed up (the pt figures I've dropped about 40 lbs of fat and gained 15 lbs of muscle) and can do many things that I really couldn't when I was a teenager.

    Paying the money is very motivating if you're frugal - you're gonna make your appointments.

  4. homebody Says:

    I would do it if I could find one. I am 5'2-1/2 and weigh 140! AND my back has become a problem. My DH has said he will be my personal trainer, but it's too easy to say no to him when he gives me a routine, but if I was paying someone... mmmmm you have me thinking.

    I have a very nice treadmill, but normally I walk with my dogs. Oh and I hate gyms!

    Good luck.

  5. pjmama Says:

    Good luck! I think personal trainers are worth every penny... unfortunately I dont have one. lol.

  6. Maismom Says:

    Good luck to you! I agree with spending money to improve your health. At the end, it's cheaper than medical bill you'd have to pay if you get sick by poor health choice.

    I consider it an investment. As long as you're healthy, you can work to earn money. So, to me, health comes before money.

    Btw, I agree with your comment about over 40. I also noticed a lot of changes after 40. Things are not the same anymore!!

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