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Bachelorette Party Weekend

September 8th, 2008 at 10:47 am

My friend is getting married September 20 and this past weekend we had the bachelorette party. Mind you, we are not 20-somethings, we are 40-somethings, so we did not opt for a bar/stripper party. We went white water rafting instead! It was my first time and it was amazing. I wear glasses, so my biggest fear was that I would lose my glasses and be blind. I bought the thing that wraps around your glasses and holds them close to your head and it worked (whew!).

It was a two night adventure in Northern California. We stayed in a tent cabin that slept 12, were served two breakfasts, one lunch (on the river), and one dinner. All this plus the raft and guide cost $200 per person. In addition to that cost, there was $25 each for gas, $60 for liquor, and $10 for cheap dinner the first night.

The campground was hosting a Kayak Festival party the second night and we were given free wrist bands that got us into the party and all the free beer we wanted! We danced with the band all night. For FREE!

This whole trip was a bargain in my mind. It was an incredible good time!

7 Responses to “Bachelorette Party Weekend”

  1. compulsive debtor Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Now that's the kind of party I would enjoy!

  3. mbkonef Says:

    Sounds like something I would enjoy much more that an stereotypical bachelorette party. Fortunately, I never had to go to one of those, or find an excuse to not go (cause that is most likely what I would have done).

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oh, wow, oh WOW! I wanna be part of your crowd! That is the best bachelorette party I have ever heard of....And do I ever know what you mean about fear of getting glasses knocked off and being left blind. "Optidisplaciphobia." There, we have a word for it.

  5. HouseHopeful Says:

    Sounds like a great time! I've been white water rafting one time and I really loved it!

  6. Bachelorette Party Planning Says:

    Do’s and Dont’s in bachelorette party planning :

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    Don’t over indulge at dinner.
    Do have a sensible meal.

    Don’t be late for your plans.
    Do set your start time an hour ahead of schedule.

    Don’t allow your guests too much say in your plans.
    Do instruct your guests that “this is what the bride wants”

    Don’t assume planning a bachelorette party is like any other girls night out.
    Do take into account that you are taking a large group around with you where ever you go.

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